The CBCA Book of the Year Awards comprise six categories...

  1. Picture Books -suitable for an audience from birth to 18 years. Some books may be for more mature readers.
  2. Early Childhood -suitable for an audience in the pre-reading to early reading stage.
  3. Younger Readers -suitable for a younger audience able to read independently
  4. Older Readers -suitable for more mature readers able to cope with challenging themes and controversial characters
  5. Eve Pownall Award for Information Books -suitable for an audience from birth to 18 years. Some may be for more mature readers.
  6. Crichton Award for new Australian illustrators

To be eligible for consideration, book must be in print format and meet these criteria ...
  • Books must be published between 1 January and 31 December of the year preceding the announcement. So for the 2014 award, they needed to have been published in 2013.
  • Books must be available in Australia for purchase by the general public.
  • Books must be in the English language or bilingual texts where one language is English.
  • Books must meet one of the following five criteria to be entered:
    • Not previously published;
    • New picture book version of previously published text;
    • Retelling of traditional materials;
    • Anthology or collection, of which the greater part of the work has not previously been published in a single volume; or
    • substantially revised edition.

Creators (authors, illustrators, editors, and retellers) must be
  • An Australian citizen no matter where resident OR
  • A person resident in Australia for at least two years prior to 31 December in the year of publication OR
  • A person who holds permanent residency status for Australia.

A panel of judges assess the books and a Notables List is identified in April.. From this, the Shortlist is selected and released in May.

Notables 2016
Reviews are available for the 2016 Notables in the CBCA online magazine Reading Time

The Book Curator has a book of reviews available

Shortlist 2016