Add your ideas of how you will promote Book Week here.
Pee and ReadCopy and laminate the blurb or an intriguing paragraph
from a shortlisted book and attach it to the back of the toilet door or above the urinal.
Bookmark ReviewsHave students review the shortlist and record these on a bookmark attached to the book.
Using QR Codes
  1. Develop a QR code for each book that is linked to a review or a synopsis.
  2. Develop your webpage (there are free apps available) with all the why, what, when, where information,
    create a QR code and then use this in newsletters, on bookmarks and everywhere you want to promote the event. Print and laminate it and put it in classrooms, bathrooms, wherever mobile devices are allowed under the heading "Coming Soon". Guaranteed to intrigue.

Spreading the Word
Ideas for sharing the theme with staff

Literacy-Based and Other Guessing Games at The Book Chook .

Lots of activities and ideas to get kids involved with books and literacy generally.

Book Week merchandise is available through the NSW branch of the CBCA

Pre Book Week Promotion for Secondary
I created a movie trailer style video on Windows Movie Maker -
super simple to use and played this on the TV in the Resource Centre for a week
and a bit in the lead up to book week. It mentioned events we were running,
general information about the CBCA shortlisted for Older Readers (high school kids) and book trailers for recently released titles. I think the whole trailer ran for about 10 minutes and I just looped it so it stretched for the half hour recess/lunch breaks.