With the announcement that Wikispaces is closing its classroom accounts on July 31st this year,
there will be NO ACCESS to Book Week for Beginners after that date.
Therefore, if there is information such as organising an author visit that you want to save, you need to do so before that date.

Because the closing date is BEFORE Book Week 2018, the wiki will no longer be updated.
If someone wants to maintain it on a new platform I am happy to help them with that. Please contact me if this is you.

Thank you to all those who contributed since its inception as a university assignment in 2011.

Please share this with whichever networks you deem appropriate.

Book Week will be held from August 17-24, 2018.Celebrations will focus on the announcement of theBook of the Year and this year's theme Find Your Treasure

Notables will be announced on February 27, 2018

Shortlists will be announced on March 27, 2018
Winners will be announced at noon on Friday, August 17, 2018.

Then the celebrations will begin!

Pirate pocket reading cushion cover made by Barbara Braxton Contact to order.

This wiki has been established by Barbara Braxton and Sue Warren , both highly experienced teacher librarians, to support new primary school teacher librarians who are implementing Children's Book Week in their schools for the first time. Australia's experienced teacher librarians are invited to share their experience and expertise in areas such as
  • promotion and celebration
  • logistics and organisation
  • creating displays
  • activities for the shortlisted books suitable for primary
  • activities to support the theme of Find Your Treasure
  • linking the celebrations to literacy, literature, information literacy and other curriculum outcomes
  • author visits
  • integrating ICT
New teacher librarians are invited to draw on their ideas, information and insight so they can shape their own celebration of Children's Book Week 2018.